End of November

So, how did we all get on with Black Friday deals? Honestly, it feels like brands start earlier and earlier every year. Obviously, the reason is quite clear. If your offer goes up first, people blow their budget on this amazing deal, then don’t have the funds by the time the official start date occurs to spend with their competitors. Smart, I suppose. Or, I don’t know. I’m not a huge fan of this pressure, and being bombarded by Black Friday deals from the very start of November. Seriously? I’m overwhelmed and exhausted before I’ve even sat down to think about present shopping.

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The real question I have for this method of our- performing other brands is this, at what point have we reached the limit? When everyone does month- long deals? Will it spill backwards into October? I just can’t see how this is sustainable. Now, before I complain too much, I will admit that I bought this incredible Christmas Cracker in a sale because I had had my eye on it for my sister, but wasn’t sure. As you would have it, the discount made it worth it. Go figure! There are lots of products I was unsure of and still didn’t buy though. I guess that’s when you know your heart wasn’t really in it, when even a massive discount couldn’t sway you.

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I guess besides the whole where does the early discount end issue, many people aren’t very happy about the sustainability aspect of the sale. It encourages fast fashion, or unnecessary splurging, when you may not really need what you’re buying. Which makes perfect sense to me, honestly.. There’s just no need to buy for the sake of buying, in my opinion. Especially before Christmas! If you have a family like mine, you’ll end up with plenty of things you neither need nor want, so why add to that list? I prefer to buy for other people , and things I know I need and have pre-planned, over B. lack Friday, to ensure I’m only being savvy and sustainable. let me know how you tackled the weekend in the comments below!