French books?

Alright, I’m back to books. Sorry for that little personal interlude! I’ll try and keep my stories strictly related to the books I like from now on… I mean, it’s in the name.

I’ve been thinking for a while about learning a new language. Being bilingual is one of those things I’m always jealous of other people for, and multilingual is just awesome. I mean, some people struggle to grasp one language, let alone multiple! I think I’m a visual learner too, so whilst I’m not too worries about being able to write in a new language, I am concerned about speaking. Which is obviously where I had to begin.

Which language am I learning, you might ask?

That’s right, French! I dabbled a little at school, so I’m hoping there’s some residual knowledge that will stop this from being a very steep learning curve. I started with Duolingo, because why not, but needed some reading material… Obviously! And not just some boring dictionary, or those awful workbooks you get in school with the cringe-worthy comics. But I couldn’t just buy a book in French either, so I went with a happy medium! Short Stories, to learn French.

Boy, did I eat that book up. It wasn’t too simple, so I felt like a child, but also didn’t challenge me beyond my means. Plus, I’ve been practising my speech holding the book in front of me, like some Shakespearean actor reciting a play. Some words are a little trickier, like ciseaux pour barbe (or beard scissors), because there are far too many vowels in a row in ciseaux to pronounce normally! My mouth just wants to do a little dance to form ten individual possible sounds, but that just sounds ridiculous!

It turns out that my minimal education in year seven didn’t leave much of a lasting effect! But this book has helped, and my apps. I’m thinking of buying another French book but not sure where to start, any suggestions?

Merci – Thank you in French language. Handwritten modern calligraphy lettering text on multicolored watercolor paint splash background.