Men and gifting

Let’s get right to the gritty truth, men are often hard to buy for. I’ve actually got a theory on why this is, if you’re willing to hear it. It’s all about hobbies. Whilst women are encouraged to continue with their creative arts, cooking, gardening etc., men are either shoehorned into video games, or left without substantial hobbies. I mean, this is only speaking from experience. Growing up, my brother left books behind in high school to play video games with his friends, and it almost became his entire life. Hobbies outside of playing itself were watching YouTube play-throughs, reading about DLC content coming out, or researching how to ascend to the next XP level. He had a few different games, but it still felt all-encompassing. He said he didn’t want anything for birthdays and Christmas, so we chipped in to buy him expensive gift cards for the gaming platforms. It was impersonal, but at least it was used. That was, until the rest of the family caught on and he had more money in vouchers than he knew what to do with. I have a sneaking suspicion he sold a few off to friends for cash, because they were going to spend the money anyway.

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Thinking of people I’ve dated, too, often their idea of a hobby was listening to music, watching tv, or doing expensive things like upgrading their car or building furniture. Yeah, sounds stereotypical, doesn’t it? My point exactly! What am I supposed to do, gift him a new sanding block? Here, have a wrench with your name engraved on it? Absolutely not. And the kinds of merchandise you find for people’s favourite tv shows always seem very cringy. Like, it’s sweet you know them well, but there’s no way he’s wearing it out in public.

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I could be completely wrong. Thankfully, and this I mean with full enthusiasm, my new partner has a beard. I don’t care in an aesthetic sense, but the gift opportunities that have opened up for me are fantastic. I got him a Beard Starter Kit because he currently doesn’t use anything. Next year, I’ll increase his range of products. I’ll find his favourite brand. I’ll encourage him to try something new. Accessories! If he decides to shave it, I’ll just have one more thing to offer him as a gift. Ah, I dare say I’m too excited about this. But then again, some people are so hard to buy for it becomes a real stress to your day-to-day until you’ve bought something. I’m certainly happy! But please, let me know in the comments if there’s anything you rely on for the man who has no easy hobbies? Or a hobby to encourage him to adopt? I’m all ears!