My 3 favourite beauty books.

Just like any other skill makeup has a certain set of challenges that you can overcome over time. There’s learning each individual type of makeup of course, then you’ve got to understand that there are different methods of applying them, and of course understanding the level of variety for each individual product. Then there’s discerning the difference in products and their formulation as far as that goes meaning recommending products such as Lunar Glow’s lunar brightening under eye serum. As amazing as all the guides are on youtube and elsewhere on the internet for different makeup regiments for all the different types of skin type, skin color, facial shape, etc. There’s still something special about studying makeup more traditionally, in this case specifically hitting the books quite literally. So let’s take a look at the top 3 books for chasing that ever abstract concept of beauty.

Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin

The ideas of beauty haven’t always been the nicest and there’s been the tendencies where the pursuit of beauty have left people feeling judged and overall just not very good about themselves. But Aucoin’s book follows through with some of the nicest and kindest explanations on beauty regimes that you can find. He always makes an effort to ensure that you get what he’s talking about and that even if you don’t you won’t feel dumb because he gets that it can be a little confusing. That being said he goes very in-depth in the fundamentals of makeup application and other techniques to help make sure your path in the pursuit of beauty has the foundations necessary to get what you want.

The Beauty of Color by Iman

It’s a shame but the reality is that the beauty industry’s more inclined to accommodate you if you happen to be white. Iman’s a supermodel who wrote this book to offset that a little bit. The target audience are women of varying ages and ethnicities which makes this book and the things it seeks to teach an overall inspiring message to anyone reading. It’s a great book and definitely worth the read no matter who you are.

Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup by Gabriela Hernandez

As far as the classics go it’s good to know where makeup has come from and moved forward over the years. There’s something important to be learned here not just from a historical vantage point, which this book with its many examples of different looks that have changed the landscape of makeup over the years, definitely delivers upon with step by step guides with period accurate color palettes on how to achieve those classic looks.