Oily face whilst reading!

Hello friends! I hope you’re having a good week, month, or year, or perhaps just day! Any amount of joy is enough for me right now, seeing as we’re constantly exposed to depressing, angering or downright frustrating news. It’s everywhere! Somehow even my favourite social media platforms for zoning out have these news stories infiltrating into my feed, ruining my moments of peace.

It’s for that reason I’ve spent a lot more time reading physical books. Now I know there are a lot of discussions over physical versus digital, and I usually do err more on the side of physical. But sometimes you just need the portability and affordability of a digital read. The pandemic hasn’t been all beds of roses, that’s for sure. So, I got into reading on my phone and my tablet… But it was awful. News story notifications pop up, or you get an email from a relative that you don’t like asking you to help them out, or work calls you and you accidentally press the green button because it’s where the page turning button is. I pulled out a selection of books that were in my ‘to read’ pile, switched off all my devices, and sat down to enjoy with a cup of tea.

Here lies my newest problem, and bear with me because it’s not that horrible. I find myself holding the book with one hand and leaning my head on the other. And then my cheek gets super oily, especially if I’m wearing makeup. I started using a cleansing balm. I’m not sure why it helped more than just a regular cleanser, but maybe it was because it was super moisturising. I tend to end up using super drying cleansers that just strip everything away, and that makes it worse in the long run. So, if you have the same problem as me, here’s your fix!

Seeing as there was an easy fix for that, so I guess we can’t really call it a problem. Maybe more of an inconvenience. Look, being able to relax and read is a privilege not all have! I find myself feeling very fortunate that even with everything going on, I’ve still had the opportunity, and the means, to zone out and spend time in new and wonderful worlds. What is literature for? I’ve always found myself more drawn to those novels which build glorious, beautiful scenes and just emerge you in the story, the surrounds, the details! There’s nothing better than the perfect, minute detail which just tells you so much about the characters and the way they live. I could go on and on. But this was about the oily face. So take my advice, or let me know what your solution is!