Starting a New Book

I have a general question for you all… Do you have a ritual for starting a new book?

Do you sit down with a hot drink, and two hours to spare? Are you on the train to work, or mid-breakfast for a few minutes before the morning rush to work begins? Are you a pre-bedtime reader… Because I’m always so worried about falling asleep and forgetting what I’ve read!

I like a combination. I won’t start with time to spare, but by the half way mark, when I’m properly involved in the plot, I’ll carve out half a day to work through it. But I’ve just started a new novel… And I can tell it’s going to challenge me.

You see, each chapter is one, long, sentence. Filled with commas and semi colons and dashes, it takes real effort to read and get into the right cadence where you’re not just reading individual words strung together, but are one with the mind that is writing. It reminds me of learning about the ‘stream of consciousness’ in high school and having to practise just writing all my thoughts down in one continuous string. I probably didn’t have much to say then, but even now when I write myself, it’s quite choppy and to the point.

So I’m going to have to really commit to this book. Evenings, weekends. Definitely not mornings, I won’t be awake enough.

I’d love to know how you handle strangely written books!