My book fascination

My constant pursuit of books is something that I’ve had a hard time finding someone that shares my personal sentiment with it. The feel of a book is something that I’ve enjoyed ever since my mother first taught me how to read using a lovable bear who loves honey. While I’ve always loved books I’ve found that as I grew older the number of people in my age group who felt the same seemingly dwindled as the years went by.

It’s not like I dislike all the other things boys my aged loved. I was very active when it came to sports and other physical activities, I got shaky in the knees when I started figuring out that girls were an existence that I had literally no idea about. For the most part I’ve been just a normal guy that just happens to like books. The weirdness in my fascination comes from people finding out about what I actually read about. Most people have a very specific type of book in their library or a very specific range of books at the very least which provides a look into the mind of the reader. My collection however is a little bit more “diverse” than some people might be used to. I’ve got everything from fantasy novels to plumbing repair books. Reading in general is just a thing that I do. What I’m reading seems to matter less and less that it’s gotten to the point that I can pick up any book and find something to be interested by in it.

I still find myself looking objectively of course at these books that I read. That also seems to weird people out immensely. Mainly because they see me reading and they describe me as being engrossed in the book and they’ll see me finish a book and then immediately comment on how I thought it was a terrible book. But the thing is just because it was a bad book doesn’t really make it a bad experience for me. Of course a good book is still an experience like no other but I think every book is a good experience in its own way.