A Book To Educate Myself On Beards

Beards are things that have always been interesting to me. It’s really something that gave me that rare bit of confusion ever since I realized they were a decision for most people here in the west that sports them. Of course I understand when a beard is something of a religious or cultural reason then they aren’t really a decision at that point. What I’ve always been more curious about are those that sport them as a fashion statement. I mean for real I don’t get it. It can look awesome don’t get me wrong that’s not the part that confuses me, the real concern I’ve always had is isn’t just too much work?

I tried looking into it a couple of times but I seriously have no idea where to start. There’s the whole growing it part which in all honesty sounds like the most nerve wracking thing to go through. At least with women growing their hair long the only real opponent is time but for guys trying to grow their beard out there’s the possibility that it won’t all grow in at the same time. I can’t even imagine the daily struggle of watching your face transform into that of a hobo. It can grow in patches or sometimes some parts just won’t grow at all. So what do you do at that point? Is there a way to cover that up or do you just give up on the beard at that point? And then there’s the maintenance and all the styling that you have to do. For the longest time I thought beard oil was a joke term that I just wasn’t clued in on but apparently it isn’t. And then there are tools you need to buy. I don’t know which things you would even need. Are there guides on what you need and how to know if you need them? Like what if you bought the ultimate beard brush but you didn’t actually need one. Or do you always need a beard brush?

Normally my approach is to simply buy a bunch of books on the topic and get reading but in this case I think I have to decide on a specific one. So if there are any beard bibles or any 1 book that you really need for this then I’d love to hear from you guys out there with this knowledge.