A Message To My Readers

I really hope you’re finding this blog interesting and fun to read and I’m hoping that it inspires you even in just a small way.

There are still so many different books I want to read soon and eventually write about. I just hope I can find the time to share all of them with you here.

I am quite busy right now but I’m aiming to have another wrapped up very soon!

Reading is not just a hobby

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved reading books. The first book I was interested enough to read during my younger years was all about Astronomy – It was about the planets, the sun, the moon, and other celestial objects. This kept me busy until I started to read different books with other interesting topics.

At first, I was just reading books to kill my boredom, but as time went by and as I grew up, I realized I wasn’t doing it just to escape from boredom, but I was doing it for my own pleasure too. I really started to appreciate books and reading became one of my keenest hobbies.

The reasons why I love to read are too many to mention here so I am just going to mention few. First, it helps me gain knowledge and it reduces stress. Second, it helps build vocabulary and improves both writing and speaking skills in English as most of the books I enjoy reading are in English – although I am not perfect yet, I know I am getting better as time goes by. And lastly, reading also gives me motivations and inspirations as well.

Recently I became addicted to cosmetics, specifically, Skincare products, and my addiction has lead me to researching and reading articles about new products to use, benefits of each product and other skincare-related articles.

This was until I came across an article about cosmetics products for men. I became interested in this as I was currently thinking at that time about what should I give to my father as a gift for Father’s Day. Soon after I found out about a grooming product that my father might want – this posh looking beard oil. It is used to nourish the beard and the skin under it, and it mimics the natural oils produced by the skin such as sebum. It’s also mainly composed of carrier oils and essential oils.

I really thought he would like this product, and it turns out he did like it! It had such an effect on my family that when my two brothers saw it, they were also asking me to buy it for them as too.

I used to think reading was just a hobby to do when you’re bored, but with time I’ve come to realize that it actually helps me in many ways.

My favourite tomes

Those who know me will be quick to tell you that I love reading. I think it might be my favourite thing to do in the whole world. With a great amount of reading comes a great amount of knowledge and I aim to use this blog to impart some of this knowledge to you. Let’s begin!