The Book That Helped Me Fight Depression

Are you a bookworm? I mean, someone who really loves to read. If yes, then you are probably an intelligent person. They say people who are fond of reading books are smart and know a lot of things. Do you agree with this?

I used to love reading books before, but once I started studying in college, I became very busy with projects, reports and other class activities. I rarely had a chance to read my favorite books, until eventually I lost interest in reading altogether.

One day, I experienced the most sorrowful moment of my teenage life –  my mother died at an early age due to a heart attack, that was very sudden and was really unexpected. I was just 17 years old when that happened and that was my first day of school in 2nd-year college level.

I became so depressed that time and my studies were affected and I almost dropped out of school. Until my friend gave me a particular book – “The purpose driven life” written by Rick Warren. She told me I needed to make the time to read it. The book was written as an inspirational book with also some religious content. It contains 40 chapters with different topics and I was instructed to read one chapter every day and should take time to ponder each chapter, so I expected to finish it all in forty days. As I continued to read the book each and every day, I found it more and more interesting and inspiring. It taught me a lot of good things.

That book really inspired me and helped me to recover from the pain and sorrow. I got back to my normal mood and became active in school again. I never thought reading could help me in this way.

Since then, I became interested in reading again, but I am more into inspirational books or articles now. I also got interested in cosmetic products especially skincare so now I am starting to more articles about it, and so far, one of the most interesting topics I found is about a product called masque argile boue. It sounds really amazing –  I never thought that mud could be beneficial to your skin!

I look forward to discovering more interesting books that teach me new things and help change my life for the better.